About me:


I had a stroke, worked too hard without understanding my RNA was programmed to fail. That's pretty simple.


  1. Work life balance?
  2. Will 3 litres of water a day; reduce blood pressure?
  3. Does an apple a day wash the cholesterol away?

Think about what you are getting out of you day, then think about have you planned for this failure? There is no rehab for back to work fitness in New Zealand after an illness, so insure your income and protect it. The dole is from $160 a week.

So I wrote a book to feel better and have a whinge, how to get back on top in rural New Zealand. How I survived my stroke. Edited by Leah Norman.

People need income protection insurance.

At the ager of 48 I had an unknown burst anerysm. That's a loss of income of two years, so cover up your motrgage and get your team savy.

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