About you:


How long will any recreational drugs be in your system?

Is your rental being used as a Meth lab? Simple buy drug wipes.

We work, we go home, we do it again.


  1. Are we valued?
  2. Are we paid enough?
  3. Are we confident our employment will last another 2 years?

The answer to these questions: No No No

To change this we simply need to feel wanted. Easy to keep good staff, easy to make them feel valued, easy to give them the extra glory and easy to offer them more with NO FINANCIAL HARDSHIP, NONE.

We offer no obligation quotes, tell us your needs: hazard management, CCTV, motivation, training, user manuals, better ideas to beat the competition, market strategies, competitor analysis.

Turn it around and make it YES YES YES!

02/10/17 Court ordered Supervision, Auckland to Far North

15/09/17 Rebranding - offering training, workplace manuals, sales analysis and business advice

staff safety systems. Staff Safety Home Page Phone 64 2111 4 22 88 Find out more about how we can help you Work on motivating your staff, they turn up to make your profits - what do you show them, what are you made of? Information includes pricing and suggestions on how you can improve your workplace for your team Website appraisals, business studies, competition studies, reports and surveys, market strategies